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Interstate Paper LLC

2366 Interstate Road
Riceboro, Georgia 31323
Tel: 912-884-3371
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At Interstate Paper LLC, our niche is serving the open market better than any of our competitors. We are one of the last independent linerboard mills in the U.S., supplying Kraft linerboard from 35# to 90# and five high-compression-strength grades: 33#, 35#, 45#, 52#, and 55# to corrugated converting manufacturers.

Our technicians and managers have decades of experience in paper mills and converting facilities, which can be used to assist your operation.

We work closely with our customers to ensure all aspects of the supplier-customer relationship are met. Using a collaborative approach, we consult with customers on new projects, provide quality testing, lower costs and improve plant efficiencies.

Call us with a challenge or question and let us assist you in improving your operation.
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